Gloria Gomez, PhD / co-founder, strategist, researcher / about me / publications

CmapTools Website
Visual and interface designer, full time (2003)
Institute for Human and Machine Cognition - IHMC
United States


cmaptools template screen Link to the actual concept map on Resource Links in CmapTools

Click on the image to access the original map at the CmapTools website


I analysed the anatomical structure of concept maps and applied graphic design principles to their visual appeareance according to the results of this analysis. The templates used in a CmapTools website can be browsed individually in the documentation page at


I posted further insights on the underpinning information that went into designing these templates in the Anthrodesign list. My post "A practical experience with Tufte's work" contributed to a discussion titled: "A book waiting to be written" and is dated Oct 6 2008.